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  • Client:
    Newport Lofts
  • Category:
    High-Rise Condominiums
  • Location:
    Las Vegas, NV
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Construction Cost: $75 million

Just between the resort corridor-strip and downtown Las Vegas, Newport Lofts LV High Rise Condos are located in a 335ft, 23-story  tower is built just 1.5 blocks away from future light rail construction and in the heart of downtown. In addition to the six floors of parking, there will be 14 floors of high-end luxurious lofts, and penthouse units.

Newport Lofts was built on half-acre property which is considered to be the smallest footprint for such a skyscraper in the state. One of the key challenges of the project was to have the most economical foundation design system and to avoid utilizing expensive soil foundation, or what is known as caisson system. Micros piling was utilized to reiinforce the base ground for bearing pressure and minimizing such settlement for the short and long term as well, thus the entire building was set on a thin matt foundation.

Second challenge to make the center elevator core and stair provide the adequate lateral resisting element for the building to allow for complete an interruptes view all aroound the perimeter of the building, on four sides.

The gravity structure system is composite of steel deck slabs and steel columns.

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